Made of wood or new materials, with or without heaters, produced here or ordered from designers….the choice is huge. But, they all have one thing in common – they are all of high quality, durable and easy to maintain.

A safe, effective and enjoyable way to relax, relieve stress and lose calories.

Wooden loungers

The timeless beauty of natural material.

The beauty of the natural material the wooden loungers are made of makes every space elegant and sophisticated and their cosiness will sweep you off your feet.

Wooden loungers in our own production are made of high quality wood designed to be durable in demanding conditions of the open or closed space. Shaped by our design or your own idea and always ergonomic they will simply meet the highest expectations.

Heated loungers

A combination of comfortable and cozy, for complete relaxation.

Loungers with integrated heaters have the functional supplement which brings the pleasure to a completely new level, working as a hot-stone or infrared therapy.

Ergonomically shaped and highly comfortable, heated loungers provide feeling of well-being and complete harmony. Since they radiate heat in detail without unnecessary heating the entire room, these loungers completely relax and rejuvenate body and mind in a natural and beneficent way.