Finnish sauna

The reason why the Finns first build a sauna and then a house.

You do not have to go to Finland to feel Finnish – you just have to visit the Finnish sauna.

Finnish sauna is a simple cabin whose wooden walls radiate heat. In the original Finnish saunas walls are heated by the wood furnace, while the modern ones have volcanic stones in the electric furnace. Usual temperature is between 80°C and 105°C, easily bearable due to the low humidity of only 3% to 10%.

Infra sauna

Like daydreaming on a sun-drenched beach.

Safe, efficient and pleasant way of relaxing, stress relieving and losing calories

Infrared sauna is usually a wooden cabin in which mild and gentle heat is created by the positive electromagnetic radiation (minimum heart rate) from the infrared heaters directly pointed towards the users’ body, unlike the Finnish sauna where the air, i.e. space in the sauna is heated. Temperatures are between 35°C and 50°C, and humidity can be from 20% to 35 %.

Steam sauna

The closest earthly experience of living in the clouds.

Step into the whiteness, close your eyes, relax…and you will find out why little angels fly the sky.

Steam sauna or steam bath is a room paved by stones or tiles where the temperature is between 42°C and 48°C. Humidity, which is 100% in the steam sauna, is ensured by heated water in the room itself, or recently by the steam generator located outside the room.

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