About Us

In RUDEX sauna expert we do not know everything. For example, we don’t know a lot about jamb pentameter or string theory. We know nothing about secret life of Galapagos turtles or about different techniques of making soufflé. But we know everything about saunas.

In RUDEX sauna expert we are completely dedicated to the production of various saunas – Finnish and infrared, steam and Kneipp baths, hammams and various wellness and spa equipment. Our experience is huge since our experts have created and installed more than 700 saunas in various wellness and spa objects, houses and apartments. But, as we continuously invest into our education and new technologies, our knowledge grows furthermore. Thus we manage to keep up the step with the European market and we are capable of satisfying all demands of our clients.

So, if there is something we do not know out saunas, we’ll do our best to learn it. That’s what makes us true experts and justifies our name – RUDEX sauna expert.


Becoming a synonym for wellness and spa equipment and making sauna available to everyone.


Thanks to our huge experience and knowledge, we offer our clients the top service: production and installation of a sauna they want as well as the best quality of wellness and spa equipment with the guarantee of maintenance and support.