We know almost everything about saunas

Thanks to its rich experience and knowledge, RUDEX sauna expert offers clients a top service of making and installing a sauna as desired and the best quality of wellness and spa equipment, with a guarantee of service and all the necessary support.

Finnish Sauna

a reason why Finnish people first build a sauna and then a house.

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Infra sauna

like daydreaming on a sunny beach.

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Steam sauna

the closest you can get to living on clouds.

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Our vision: To provide a sauna for everyone!


Made of wood or new materials, with or without heaters, from our own production or ordered from a designer… the choice is great. But in everything they are all the same – they are all high quality and durable and easy to maintain.

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Wooden deck chairs

… the timeless beauty of natural material.


Heated deck chairs

… a combination of comfortable and cozy, for complete relaxation.


Designer deck chairs

… aesthetics and functionality with a signature.



years in the profession

more than

sauna passed through the hands of our masters

involved in performance

wellness and spa facilities

Mosaic tiles

They come in almost countless combinations of materials, colors, sizes, shapes, textures and finishes… you only need to choose the ones that will best complement the desired ambience and style.

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It’s like a sauna here…


Like all professionals, we approach our work passionately, so the atmosphere here is often hot.


We are not afraid to let out a few drops of sweat, because we know that for every good job you need to work a little harder.


  We always do our best in our work, because the most important thing for us is customer satisfaction, and the memory of hard work evaporates quickly anyway. 

Your wellness oasis

Contact a Rudex sauna expert and find a wellness solution that perfectly suits your wishes and needs. Transform your space into an exclusive wellness oasis.

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RUDEX sauna expert is a real sauna expert

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